Stuff happens when you travel with kids, it’s hard to explain and generally impossible to plan for but sometimes I do get a bit complacent.   I think I have it all worked out. We’ve done it all and there are no surprises when it comes to my kids on a plane. It’s usually at that point that something unexpected happens.

We’ve all experienced an eye-roller but on our way back from New Zealand recently I saw a mans eyes rolls so far back into his head I thought he might pass out and he was definitely eye-rolling at me!

We were seated in the middle row of four and my wonderful mum was with us but sitting in the isle seat opposite. During the flight my husband suddenly yelled to me ‘help, help, I need help’ I looked over to see my two year old had been sitting on his lap and managed to stick his foot through the small drink holder that pops out from under the tray table in the back of the seat. He was holding him high in the air so his foot or rather leg wouldn’t dislocate and I dived across my four year old to assist. When I say dived I don’t mean a graceful, in control, got it all going on kind of super mum move, it was more of a tangled mess of headphone cables, blankets, crayons and baby bags crashing around me as I plunged.

As I emerged from the debris I took some of my little boys weight and reassured him all would be OK, I tried to push the call button and make eye contact with the cabin crew for help. That’s when I saw it, the man in the seat next to my mother looking at me stone faced and rolled his eyes into the back of his head. I was trying not to laugh at him, myself or the situation while at the same time being somewhat panicked at my sons’ predicament. Finally we found a way to dislodge his foot and all was right again! I’ll admit, as I’m write this I realise that perhaps his eye roll was justified, it was quite a ridiculous situation, but really, it could have been worse, he could have got his head stuck between the seats! (My son I mean, not the eye-roller.)

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