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Italy for kids- What to do in Rome and Naples

Italy for kids- What to do in Rome and Naples

Italy for Kids! Arriva a Roma Is Italy for kids? Absolutely! To get our young boys excited about our trip to Italy, I bought them a copy of Leigh Hobbs ‘Mr Chicken- Arriva a Roma’.  Which they loved.  And as we are film makers we decided to make a film about 'Mr...

Greece with Kids – A Working Mother’s Tale

Greece with Kids – A Working Mother’s Tale

And so it began! We survived the 22hours of flights, miraculously with no major meltdowns, vomit or lost items and landed in Athens, Greece, delirious but intact. Our adventure was underway. First on the itinerary was a week filming for a documentary project we’ve...

The Arrival – A Boy’s Dream

It's always hard to know how your first child will respond to having a new baby arrive.  For our son the arrival of his brother began with excitement and curiosity, followed by disinterest, rejection, resolve and finally it was as though it had always been. While this...

The Eye-Roller!!! On a plane with kids

Stuff happens when you travel with kids, it’s hard to explain and generally impossible to plan for but sometimes I do get a bit complacent.   I think I have it all worked out. We’ve done it all and there are no surprises when it comes to my kids on a plane. It’s...

Traveling with kids – Sky’s the limit

Sky’s the limit when it comes to traveling with my kids. The only limitation is really my courage to take them! Anyone traveling with kids knows the recipe is two parts courage, one part being organized and a large dose of patience thrown into the mix. Unflappability...

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