A few minutes of Sam Eagle at breakfast.

Ah, the joys of grumpy 4-year-olds… and then I found Sam Eagle is on YouTube.

Isaac is not a morning person, he probably gets that from me!  If we don’t get milk or food into him very fast after wake up time he becomes a cranky tantrum throwing bundle of hostility. 

Jack our seven year old only has too look in Isaac’s direction or make a comment to set Isaac into a state of inconsolable rage.

In fact, he just stands on the spot clenched fist screening “I’m angry, I’m angry” until, after many attempts to calm him fail and he eventually sits begrudgingly at his toast and begins to eat. 

This week in a last-ditch attempt to bring cheer to our morning- I started playing YouTube clips of Sam Eagle… it worked…

Sam Eagle is so funny it had the whole families in tears of laughter. 

I can’t believe there is actually a YouTube playlist for the best of Sam Eagle, it’s comedy gold for the whole family.

I don’t even wait for the tantrum now, I just hit play the moment Isaac’s eyes open.

Happy mornings at last.

Watch and laugh.

If this wasn’t enough of a laugh for you try this one-

If your four-year-old is having tantrums and like me, you are starting to think there is something really wrong and you need to get professional help – then this blog might help.  Megan Blandford explains it’s actually very normal and there are good reasons connected to developmental changes.  phew.. more Sam Eagle, please…

Another great discovery I’ve made is that trying to do yoga first thing in the morning makes me feel really good for the whole day.  I’ve been on the Yoga with Adrienne 30 days of Yoga.  However, grumpy Isaac won’t have a bar of it. Until I put on Cosmic Kids Yoga and we do it together.

If you missed my blog on Cosmic Kids Yoga you can read it here.

Or check out the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube.

Get in touch if you have any comments.

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