I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I came across it when I was struggling to get whole-heartedly back into work, still had left over baby brain, was in charge of the household and kids schedules and working full time.  Frankly I was struggling to find the passion to do any of it.

I first discovered ‘Big Magic’ when I was watching a Maree Forleo video (another of my favourite time spends) she was interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert about the book and I was intrigued.

In the interview Elizabeth Gilbert said

“The real reason we don’t move creativity forward is always and only fear.”

I can’t tell you why but it really resonated with me.  I rushed out and bought the book and I am loving the opportunity to write this glowing book review.

Big Magic- by Elizabeth Gilbert Book Review by Two In a Row

Through the course of this book, Elizabeth Gilbert gentle but without subtlety, busts every myth you have in your head about why you shouldn’t do the creative thing your craving to do.

I did my Bachelors Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in Stage Production.  I was surrounded by enormously creative people constantly creating.  I should have creative living dialled- shouldn’t I?

But I think I had fallen victim to the ‘Art should be fatal’ mentality that was really prevalent in my peers.  The ‘Tormented Artist’ stereotype is clearly defined on page 39 and it felt so freeing to finally hear someone say ‘you have permission NOT to live this way’.

I do not live the life of a tormented artist but I do think I held the idea that this was the destiny of the majority of artists- to eternally struggle.


Throughout the course of this book many pennies dropped for me.

Especially the idea that I need to ‘Just do it’.

Elizabeth talks to the idea that every thing has been done before but so what, because it hasn’t been done by you. Which actually gave me the kick up the butt to start Two In A Row, I’d been holding the idea that there were so many mum blogger already, what more could I offer.   Big Magic helped me realise this was just fear and an excuse for not starting. Thanks Elizabeth, I have a lot of fun with Two In A Row.

If your looking for inspiration, encouragement, a really enjoyable read or just a fresh perspective on creativity then I highly recommend this book.

The second time I came across Big Magic was recently when I discovered audio book and I downloaded it.  I put it on my phone and every time I went for a run I would listen to it.  I think I will refer to it over and over again as it’s just so good!

Five stars from me.  If your keen to check it out Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear– please note this is an affiliate link.

Here is a great quote “You do not need anybody’s permission to live a creative life” Elizabeth Gilbert.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this book so please leave a comment below.

Best wishes,


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