I decided to write this book review of Make It Happen by Michelle Bridges as I am currently on my own journey to lose some weight and get fit.  So I read it with great interest and in hope of some good tips on how to achieve this.  I was already familiar with Michelle’s work from watching her many times on The Biggest Loser. I knew she was a personal trainer and very passionate about fitness but I had not realised she is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Firstly, I should say that I didn’t actually read Make It Happen but rather listened to it as an audio book from Audible.  I find it hard to get time to sit down and read a book and since this one is by a fitness guru I thought I’d listen to it while I was at the gym.  And you know what, it worked, audio books are amazing, I’ve actually listened to about 12 since the start of the year!

Much of Make It Happen is about goal setting and prioritising, and it’s always great to get a refresh on this.  After all, the biggest block we have to learning new things is the saying ‘I know this already’.  Michelle gave many stories to back up her reasoning behind why these techniques work.  Her personal recounts of growing up and the challenges she faced were very open and honest.  They drew me into her world and gave real insight to how she has become the successful woman she is today.

‘Just Freaking Do It’

or JFDI for short is a catch cry for Michelle Bridges, and one that is echoed by many successful entrepreneurs.  I think it was Marie Forleo, also an incredibly successful entrepreneur who said

‘Losers wait for motivation and winner just get sh*t done’.

I have embraced the concept fully and I have to say that I have achieved much much more since I first put the post it on my laptop.

All in all, I would recommend Make It Happen: Live Your Best Life, it’s an interesting cross between autobiography and self-help book with enough storytelling to make it relatable. Michelle Bridges has a tenacity that is somewhat beyond my reach but I really admire her ability to move past the word ‘no’ and turn every obstacle into a challenge rather than a barrier.

If I take anything away from the 7 hours I spent listening to this book, it’s that you have to go for it.  If you want something you must push yourself to achieve it, just start and keep going.  I may never have the tenacity she exudes but I do have the drive and I am going to push myself a bit harder to get what I want.  So I am off to the gym now and pondering whether or not to take up the 12 Week Body Transformation program she has created.  Oops, I should not ponder I should JFDI.

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Sue Squiggle

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