For my Birthday the gym offered me a free Bioage test! Mmmm, this could be interesting and maybe motivating.

One of my goals for 2016 was ‘get super fit and healthy’.  I figured it’s now or never if I’m going to shake the post kids weight. That’s right, I can’t even call it baby weight which you can kind of pass off as sort of cute and cuddly but with Isaac coming up for his 4th Birthday, post kids weight it is and it sounds just so ‘unappealing’! 

Bioage test- How can my body be older than my brain? Blog

Since January I have done ok with running and still hit the track about twice a week so I thought I was doing ok with my fitness goal. I even run with Isaac in the pram some days and that’s a fitness challenge!  However the weight is not shifting and my jeans are still tight.  I have dabbled in classes at the gym to try and get some weight training in but frankly I find it a bit boring, hard to be consistent and I don’t really like being on someone else’s timetable. 

Also, I know I’m weird but I don’t like using the sweaty equipment after everyone else and I seem to be the only one who carries a towel. 

And then the offer of the Bioage test came so i signed on.

I have always enjoyed exercise and was even trained as a fitness instructor way back in my early 20’s so I thought I knew a bit about staying in shape.  Drum roll… the assessment was today and I have learned that the world has moved on, my knowledge was thin and I have much work to do.


My bio age was a sad 46.5 years old.  Sad because I’m not.  Meaning my brain is not even nearly 46.5 years old but my body thinks I am.  I thought I felt old when I had my Birthday and begrudgingly accepted that I was in my early 40’s for real. 

Turning 40 was a shock but I kinda felt like I was really on the edge of my 30’s, when you think about it I was closer to 38 than to 42.  Not this time, big reality slap in the face!  If I continue down this path I my body will be 80 before I even reach 65.  (it’s like time travel, don’t over think it!).

So it looks like personal training for me. 

We head to Fiji for a family holiday in 4 weeks so I am hoping, wishing and praying that this trainer can move the 10kg off my body before we get on the plane. I realise this is unlikely but something has got to get me moving and pushing and squatting and moving….

Bioage Test- How can my body be older than my brain? Blog- proof of running

If your wondering how they assess your Bioage.  It’s quite a process that takes an hour. 

You’re asked a collection of questions about your lifestyle and diet.  Basic measurements like height and weight are taken followed by a series of physical challenges from planking to lunges to rowing machines. 

And yes I felt unfit doing them and kept mumbling things like “oh that seams unusually hard today, did I mention that I can run 5km in a row but for some reason 3 lunges is kind of difficult and I’m out of breath which is odd because I really CAN run 5km non stop…”

I have put the photo on the left from the 10km run I did last year as proof!

Then they put all this information minus my excuses into the super computer to spit out the unwelcome news that I am ….OLDER than I look… and I already look by age!

So stay tuned- I will battle my way into good shape and when I do, I’ll let you in on how I managed it! 

Any and all fitness advice welcome- don’t hesitate to comment.

I will be channelling Michelle Bridges and her ‘just freaking do it’ attitude during my training which I have now started.  And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how straight forward weight training is.  My trainer and I chat throughout and at the end I feel like I’ve done a workout but am not exhausted- it’s so different to running.

Please don’t forget to comment- I’d love to know how others have gone with Bioage testing.

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